Other services

Our professional team is multidisciplinary and has extensive experience in carrying out all types of immigration procedures. If you need assistance in carrying out any procedure that you do not find on this website, do not hesitate to contact us.

Bank entities

You can count on us if you need to open a bank account in Spain, apply for a loan or mortgage, or if you require legal assistance to carry out any other procedure with banks. Our legal team will be at your disposal.

Census registration

You can count on Nomads Barcelona to register you in the city of Barcelona, as well as to carry out any formalities before the City Council or any other public administration. We will accompany and advise you at all times.

Obtaining the NIE

If you need to obtain your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number in Spain), you can count on Nomads Barcelona to help you and accompany you throughout the entire process.

Social security registration

Social Security number (número de seguridad social) is necessary to be able to work or be self-employed in Spain. It is also a requirement for obtaining the health card, which allows you access to public health care. If you’re job hunting, it’s a good idea to have a social security number already assigned, so you don’t have to worry about it once you’re hired. Your social security number becomes an affiliation number when you start working.

You can count on us if you need to register in the Spanish Social Security system, as well as if you need to obtain any document or carry out any procedure before this public administration.

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