Beckham Law / Tax Saving

The so-called “Beckham Tax Law” in Spain, or expatriate law, establishes a special tax regime that offers the possibility to foreigners who move to Spanish territory to pay taxes at a fixed tax rate of 24%, exclusively on income generated in Spain. Spain, as opposed to the progressive tax on global income (19-45%).

In essence, this tax regime for expatriates allows the tax burden to be significantly reduced, generating considerable savings. Making it easier for those foreign workers who wish to work in Spain to pay taxes on wealth and income as if they were non-residents during the first 6 years.

Main Benefits of the Beckham Law

24% Flat Rate

The main advantage of the Beckham Law is that the general tax base, which includes income from work, rentals, among others, is taxed at a practically fixed rate of 24%, up to a limit of 600,000 euros. Any amount exceeding this limit is subject to 47%. In contrast, if the Beckham Law were not applied, the same general tax base would be subject to a progressive tax rate that could reach almost 50%.

Taxation only for Income Generated in Spain

One of the main advantages of the Beckham Law is that only income generated in Spain is taxed. With the exception of earned income, under this regime, all other income worldwide would not be subject to taxation in Spain.

Wealth Tax Taxation only for Assets in Spain

The Wealth Tax is applied to the net value of the taxpayer’s assets at a global level. The advantage of the Beckham Law is that it would only be required to pay taxes on the net value of the assets located in Spain, excluding the taxpayer’s global assets.

Taxes exemption of Model 720

The Beckham Law, by treating the taxpayer as a non-tax resident, exempts the obligation to present Form 720 of Declaration of Assets Abroad. This significantly simplifies administrative procedures for those who benefit from this tax regime.

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